Written, Directed and Produced by Janet Merewether.


(produced by Screen Culture Pty Limited)

(2007, 52mins, HD 16:9)

A documentary about choosing single motherhood.
‘At 39, Janet’s biological clock was chiming a deafening ‘tic-toc’.
A film about single motherhood by choice and the contemporary role of the father.’




 “With a humorous and engaging narrative, the filmmaker tells her very personal story of becoming a single mother. Blending serious moments and comical situations of her life with surrealistic photo-montage episodes, Janet Merewether frequently expands the borders of documentary.”

Taiwan International Documentary Festival Jury 2008

Winner Jury Special Mention and Audience Choice awards


 “Baroque is the right word for this film, it’s neat chronological structure, its tri-partite framing and witty fantasy-making and, as with the best Baroque  music, the emotional power unleashed by careful, ostensibly casual crafting by writer-director, cinematographers, composer, editor, and production and post-production designers collaborating seamlessly.”

Realtime 85 – Onscreen p17, Keith Gallasch admires Janet Merewether’s Maverick Mother ‘Inside the experience of living’

5 stars – Pick of the Day

‘Historically you couldn’t be a single woman and raise a child. Here is a documentary that blends traditional storytelling and horror reconstructions to crack that time-honoured myth. One single woman’s attempt at becoming a mother raises the contentious debate of the value and need for a father figure in a child’s life… Janet’s story blossoms into a frantic and funny tale challenging the archetypal nuclear family. Fascinating.’

Time Out Sydney – 30/1/08 p82 Ellice Mol



WINNER – PTS Audience Award – TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2008

WINNER – Jury Special Mention – Documentary under 60 minutes – TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2008

WINNER Best Australian Documentary – ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Awards 2008

WINNER Best Documentary – Human Interest – ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Awards 2008

NOMINATION for Best Directing – Documentary Australian Directors’ Guild Awards 2008

NOMINATION for Best Editing Documentary Australian Screen Editors’ Awards 2008



TIDF – Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2008
WFFIS – Women’s Film Festival in Seoul 2009
Dungog Film Festival Australia 2009
WOW World of Women Film Festival 2009
Beldocs Documentary Festival Serbia 2009



SBS Television Australia

YES Israel

Australia Network

The Participants


Janet Merewether, Arlo Merewether, John Merewether, Tempe Merewether, Jim Merewether, Ted Merewether, Sarah Merewether, Ned Merewether, May Merewether,
Rex Merewether, Margy Merewether and Angela Knight

Appearing as themselves:

Michelle Baddiley, Maria Ceballos-Wallis, Maryella Hatfield, Dr Linda Mann, Nicola Mathieson, Maureen Neems, Catherine Nelson, Bronwyn Rennex, Gayle Richens, Deborah Szapiro, Heather Winter

Also appearing:

Charlot Bernardoff, Catherine Brown, Phaedra Carantinos, Lara Chirino, Belinda Crofts, Joanne Cunningham, Chris Darvall, Toby Dash, Debbie Foyster, Jennifer Hamar, Roxy China Husband, Simeon John, Brooke Kozlovsky, Nicole Martin,
Stephen Mori, Emma Mothersdill, Nick Rheinberger, Sophy Robertson, Peter Shortland, Nick Simkins, Ingrid Skirka, Hayley Stafford, Sydney (the dog), Steve Thompson, Greg Tynan, Jane St Vincent Welch, River Weston, Matt Worth, Clare Young

Screen Culture would like to thank all the cast and crew for their wonderful work on MAVERICK MOTHER.

A special thanks to my parents.


Key Cast and Crew


Dedicated to my father John Merewether, who appears in this film, and who died a month after its premiere screening in 2008, and to the feminists and progressive politicians who fought for the right of all Australian women to keep and raise their babies in love and safety.


Written, Produced & Directed by – Janet Merewether

Line Producer – Helen Lovelock

Director of Photography – Justine Kerrigan

Pregnancy & Birth Cinematography – Jackie Farkas

Video Cinematography – Janet Merewether

Production & Costume Designer – Melinda Doring

Editor – Jane StVincent Welch A.S.E

Post Production Designer – Tim Richter

Sound Designer – Liam Egan

Composer – Felicity Fox

Script Editor – Belinda Chayko

Costume Supervisor & Costumier – Joanne Rapa

Make-up Artist and Hairdresser – Eleanor Woodhead

1st Assistant Director – Sophy Robertson

Gaffer – Andrew Robertson

Re-recording Mixer – Phill Judd M.P.S.E


Technical Specifications


Running Time – 52mins @ 25 fps

Delivery Gauge – HDCam and Digital Betacam

Shooting Guage – DVCam, HDCam, Super 8mm, Super 16mm

Sound – Dolby Stereo

Screen Ratio – 16:9 FHA


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